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Meet the perfect bubbly partner for any household. Released in the US in late 2020, this hand-held milk foamer will send your coffee spinning into a frothy frenzy of velvety goodness. Creating micro-bubbles through unique micro-foam technology, the nano-foamer delivers perfectly frothed milk in under 20 seconds. 

Foamer includes:

1 x Subminimal nano-foamer

1 x protective case

2 x nano-screens

1 x wall mount

** Does not include AA batteries**


Subminimal nano-foamer:

- Water proof

- Heavy duty shaft

- High speed impeller

- Double AA battery powered



Scoop a teaspoon of Lay Day coffee into a mug. Pour in 50ml of boiling water and stir well. Heat up milk and place the Nano-foam wand into the heated up milk and start to incorporate air, moving side to side. In no less than 20 seconds you have the perfect foamed milk. Pour milk into your coffee, put the feet up and enjoy!

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